Military Connection: “Military Mistress” on the Run Again


By Debbie Gregory.

Oregon authorities are on the hunt for a woman dubbed the “military mistress” and her current military husband.

Bobbi Ann Finley, also known as Bobbi Ann House, has been implicated in a spree of check frauds totaling in excess of $13,000. She got her nickname in 2010 when she was spotlighted on the national news for her misdeeds.

The 39-year-old has been accused of scamming soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Bremerton, hopping from one base to the next, marrying service members in order to gain access to their bank accounts.

Finley admitted 17 years of her life were filled with deceit. At the time it was reported Finley had nine children. Her cousin, Billie Smith of Northern California, referred to Finley as “the bad egg in the whole family,” and actually ended up adopting three of the children.

One man spoke about his marriage to Finley, saying she “Made me believe she was the woman of my dreams.”

“She’s definitely smart, charming, beautiful, witty and a very convincing liar,” he added.

Fast forward to now, where Finley is on the run with her latest husband, 27-year-old Zackerie House.

The fugitive couple has written thousands of dollars in checks with insufficient funds from a Wells Fargo bank account they opened up, and were for items to be used for camping and surviving in rural or remote areas.

Investigators said their purchases can be traced from Oregon to Colorado and Oklahoma.  They are believed to be driving in a 2005 Cadillac Escalade with Oregon plates “535BWP” that was purchased in Salem with $1,500 down payment by writing, you guessed it, a bad check!

Anyone who may have seen the couple, or has any information on their whereabouts is asked to call their local police department, state police, or sheriff’s office immediately.

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Military Connection: “Military Mistress” on the Run Again: By Debbie Gregory