Military Connection: Why not Hire a Veteran?

Hiring Veterans

By Joe Silva

There is no question that unemployment among Veterans is improving. The utilization of resources such as the Jobs Page, Virtual Job Fair, as well as other government and private sector initiatives have made headway in eliminating unemployment among Veterans. But our latest generation of war Veterans still encounter an unemployment rate that is higher than their civilian counterparts, evidence that there is still a need for hiring initiatives for Veterans.

At, we are committed to honoring service members and Veterans from all branches and components, as well as the sacrifices made by their families. It is the obligation of our nation’s citizens to provide considerations for those who sacrificed for our country. Therefore, hiring advantages and initiative for Veterans are necessary to give back to those who have sacrificed so much. But we also see the hiring of Veterans as advantageous opportunities for employers as well. Veterans entering the talent pool are equipped with unique experiences, talents and education that just can’t be found anywhere else.  Savvy employers are taking notice.

Much like college, spending four or more years living and working on a military installation can be just as educational as living on a college campus. The military uses informal training, classroom instruction, online training modules, advanced testing and training review boards in their methods. In the military, service members are taught a multitude of technical, vocational and leadership skills, using real-world work environments to hone these skills. Unfortunately, too many employers don’t recognize the U.S. military as an educational institution.

Employers have also passed on hiring Veterans because of perceived skill gaps between military experience and private sector job requirements. But too often, these gaps can simply be attributed to the differences between military and corporate cultures. Employers who are interested in hiring qualified Veterans are encouraged to incorporate questions that address the functions of their military positions, and not just job titles and locations. Employers may find that most Veterans have a sharp knowledge of computer skills and administrative functions, even if their Military Occupational Specialty doesn’t suggest it.

The bottom line is that employers need to find ways to say “yes” to hiring Veterans. Business leaders claim to be constantly looking for the top talent. If this is the case, then why not start with a workforce whose talent, reliability and determination to succeed is mission accomplishment? Why not hire a Veteran?

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Military Connection: Why not Hire a Veteran? By Joe Silva