Military Connection: Great Online Program for Veterans with PTSD


By Debbie Gregory.

It is a well known fact that there are many Veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For most of these Veterans, finding a way to deal with their PTSD symptoms is an overwhelming task. But there are numerous resources offered through federal, state and local government agencies, as well as through non-profit organizations, to help these Veterans cope with their symptoms. One of these resources, the PTSD Coach Online, is offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and can be utilized by any who has access to the internet.

The VA’s National Center for PTSD is offering the PTSD Coach Online as a tool that helps Veterans manage symptoms anywhere, anytime. This tool is useful because it targets the specific needs that PTSD sufferers have for addressing and managing their symptoms.

PTSD Coach Online offers users assistance with concerns such as: worry or anxiety; anger; sadness or hopelessness; sleep problems; trauma reminders; avoidance of stressful situations; disconnection from people; disconnection from reality; problem solving skills; and direction in life.

Through content and videos that help explain symptoms and behaviors, as well as exercises that help users understand, manage and improve their symptoms, PTSD Coach offers a menu of 17 tools that help treat the entire spectrum of behaviors. There are  deep breathing exercises to help with relaxation, exercises to promote better sleep, and many tools to help users develop healthy habits. Some of these tools require users to write out their thoughts or behaviors, which can be extremely beneficial in their understanding of what they are experiencing.

Because there is no log-in system, PTSD Coach is entirely confidential. Any user can access the self-paced programs and receive the help that they need.

The online version of PTSD Coach works similarly to the smartphone app, but was developed to reach Veterans who do not have smartphones. The online version includes more writing exercises than the app, and its tools can be used to help Veterans manage immediate symptoms. Additionally, they can develop ongoing behaviors and skills for leading a healthy life.

The PTSD Coach app and PTSD Coach Online are both highly recommended for all Veterans who suffer from PTSD, but all Veterans and their family members should check them out. There is no cost and no log-in, so there is nothing to lose from accessing these highly useful tools. But there is so much to gain from using PTSD Coach, even those without a PTSD diagnosis will find the program to be useful.

Check out PTSD Coach Online at or check out your app store for the PTSD Coach application for your smartphone.

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Military Connection: Great Online Program for Veterans with PTSD: By Debbie Gregory