Military Connection: No College Credit for Vets: By Debbie Gregory


By Debbie Gregory

Beginning in the recruiter’s office, long before they even get to basic training, those who join the U.S. Armed Forces begin training in the customs, cultures and languages of military life. They’ve laced up a freshly shined pair of boots, put on their country’s uniform. They know that there are countless hours spent preparing, training, drilling, testing and laboring to hone their occupational specialty in the world’s greatest fighting force.
No matter what their military occupational specialty (MOS), rate, position or title, those who have served know that they acquired more knowledge through their military on-the-job training and real-life military experience than they could hope to learn in the classroom. That is why military Veterans, going to school using their Veteran education benefits, are finding themselves increasingly frustrated with the civilian education system that refuses them college credits for their training. They have experience in fields that equivalent civilian occupations would require certification, a degree, or some type of college education to work in.
Instead, many Veterans, especially those going the certification/accreditation route, have to waste their time, energy and Post-9/11 GI Bill eligibility on classes that are redundantly teaching them skills they have already acquired.
More than one million Veterans are currently using their Veteran education benefits. That number is almost double the number, 560,00+ who were using their benefits in 2009. That number is expected to increase by at least 1 million more Veterans over the next five years.
These Veterans will be looking to advance their education in order to land sustainable employment. These Veterans should not have to waste their time and VA tuitions on courses certifications and licenses for skills and trades that they already have a proven proficiency in.
Law makers and educators need to be made aware of the hindrances that some academic institutions put on Veteran students when their military occupational training and experience isn’t recognized in academia and state licensing agencies. These bodies are slow to change, perhaps because they are more concerned with receiving the VA money for the course or certification than they are with helping the Veterans. Schools and government agencies should do all they can to assist Veterans in achieving the prosperity they have earned.

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Military Connection: No College Credit for Vets: By Debbie Gregory