Military Connection: A Very Public Proposal


By Debbie Gregory.

The competition on “Dancing With the Stars” has been tough. Really tough. Two of the final four couples ended the semifinals with a perfect score. But that’s not what brought Noah Galloway to his knees. In one of the most memorable moments of the show, Galloway proposed to girlfriend Jamie Boyd.

Galloway got a standing ovation when he kneeled and proposed to Boyd after his score was revealed. The tender proposal, after he danced to “Time of My Life” was made even more special when Galloway told Boyd that she had given him the time of his life. Boyd hugged and kissed Galloway: “I’m speechless, and I’m never speechless. Oh, baby, I love you so much!” she said, and when Andrews asked her “Is that a yes?” Boyd replied: “Oh, heck yes!”

Galloway said that it “was just a moment I wanted to share with America, because so much of our relationship has been shared because of this show.”

Galloway is a former Army soldier who lost his arm and leg while serving in Iraq. The Birmingham, Alabama native was severely injured by an IED in 2005. He has consistently overcome his physical challenges, working as a personal trainer and also modeling.

The couple has been surprising each other throughout the competition. Boyd surprised her now fiancé during week two of the show, by coming out of nowhere to celebrate his participation in the competition for the prized “Mirror Ball.” Galloway thought she was away at basic training.

Boyd said Galloway tricked her by saying that she would be on camera when the hosts cut to her to ask her how he was doing, so she got a nice dress. Fortunately, for Galloway, Ms. Boyd will once again be shopping for a new dress; the one she will be wearing on the day when they both say, “I do!”

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Military Connection: A Very Public Proposal: By Debbie Gregory