Another Case of Stolen Valor: Military Connection

Another Case of Stolen Valor: Military Connection

By Debbie Gregory.

An Arizona con man who, according to federal agents, scammed money by pretending to be a Navy SEAL, was arrested in Virginia Beach not far from a base that trains real Navy SEALs.

Phillip Ohman, 58, was indicted June 16 in Arizona on charges of attempting to commit fraudulent schemes and artifices, three counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, two counts of theft, four counts of trafficking in stolen property and taking identity of another.

Marshals in Arizona called their colleagues in Norfolk with information that Ohman may have been using another name in Virginia Beach.

“He was very overpowering,” said David Yost, a sailor on the aircraft carrier Harry S Truman. Yost is a neighbor in the Lake Placid neighborhood where Phillip Ohman appeared a few weeks prior, when he was going by the alias “Michael Ohman.”

“His personality was unlike any I had ever met as far as SEALs go. I’ve met several SEALs, many live in the area here. Most of them are very subdued and quiet. They don’t like to advertise themselves. This guy was all about advertising himself,” Yost said.

Authorities in Arizona said Ohman identified himself as a Navy SEAL to earn the trust of businesses, and then write bad checks after obtaining property and services.

Ohman’s business card featured his “Michael Ohman” alias, a SEAL trident, and listed his 40 years experience in counterterrorism and executive protection.

He wore Navy SEAL hats and had a Navy SEAL bumper sticker on his vehicle. He also said he was going on deployments.

Ohman never served in the military.

His criminal record, according to the marshals, dates back to the 1980’s and includes multiple arrests for writing bad checks , theft, larceny, and fraud. He also used different names, including Phillip D’Marcone. He is being held in jail in Virginia Beach and awaits extradition to Arizona.

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Another Case of Stolen Valor: Military Connection: by Debbie Gregory