Android Users Can Get Going with VA’s MOVE Weight Loss App

Android Users Can Get Going with VA's MOVE Weight Loss App


Android Users Can Get Going with VA’s MOVE Weight Loss App

Contributed by Debbie Gregory

Android users can finally take advantage of an app that has long been available to iOS users.

The VA’s MOVE! weight loss app is now available across both device platforms.

MOVE!  is a 19-week weight management app that guides users to achieve success  by monitoring, tracking, and receiving feedback regarding their progress with weight, diet, and exercise goals.

Supported by the VA’s National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, the app can be used by itself or in conjunction with treatment and coaching by the VA healthcare team at all VA Medical Centers and many VA Community-based Outpatient Clinics.

MOVE!’s core ideas—encouraging healthy eating behavior, increasing physical activity, and promoting even small weight losses—are easy to follow and based on the latest in nutrition science.

The app offers:

  • Self-Management Guides – providing weight management strategies using videos, worksheets, games, and other tools.
  • Weight, Diet, and Physical Activity Diaries – for progress tracking.
  • Goals and Progress components – for setting physical activity, diet, and weight loss SMART goals while offering summaries and progress reports.
  • How to Solve Problems – resources to overcome barriers.
  • The ability to share your progress and challenge your friends

The Move! website features some success stories that are truly amazing. Challenges aren’t just limited to overcoming obesity and obesity-related diseases. Other challenges address alcohol, cancer, asthma, depression, injuries, PTSD, and thyroid issues.

The MOVE! Program is designed for both men and women, and for Veterans of all ability levels, but only Veterans receiving care from VA can enroll in MOVE! For more information, visit the VA online at