5 Business Ideas Veterans Can Pursue Today

Veteran Business

If you have decided to start a business as a veteran, you will probably face a mind-puzzling decision. What industry to pick and what exactly to do are the most common questions veterans ask themselves when they think about starting a business. With so many industries and thousands of sub-niches, you can easily get lost.

We have gone through hundreds of business models to identify the best ones for you. To make sure that they reflect your military career, we picked the ideas that promise excitement, fun, and profit. Below, you can find five business ideas to challenge that entrepreneurial spirit of yours.

Fitness and Veterans Go Hand-in-Hand

Building your fitness franchise from scratch might seem like a good idea. After all, you’ve spent most of your work hours on improving your endurance and training to become more flexible and strong. The fitness community is huge, yet people with references such as yours are not that easy to find. 

However, working as a fitness instructor for civilians is quite different than the drills you’ve gone through in the army. You can enroll in a teaching training and learn the most efficient techniques to motivate your clients and keep them on track. The best thing about it is that all the resources you’ll ever need to learn how to kick start your own fitness business are online. 

You can learn a lot from your fellow veterans. There is probably someone like-minded in the veteran community. Ask around to learn what steps to take to launch your business seamlessly.

Test Yourself In the Mobile App Business

The mobile app industry is flourishing. Don’t think, “I don’t know anything about mobile apps and coding,” and get discouraged. If you have a passion for coding, you should start learning how to create mobile apps for iOS or Android. The basics are pretty easy to overcome. 

Nowadays, you don’t even have to worry about the IT infrastructure needed to develop and run an app. Thanks to new cloud-based services, including the container registry service, apps can serve millions of users without any disruptions, whether they are mobile or web-based.

In any case, even without basic knowledge in coding, you can launch your first mobile app. It is the app functionality idea that matters. Remember, Steve Jobs wasn’t a coder nor an engineer, yet he managed to create an empire in the world of IT. The process is quite simple; come up with an idea, see if it exists in the market, and partner up with developers to bring your vision to life.

Professional Tour Guide To Hire

As a veteran, you are used to being in nature. Long hikes, breathtaking views, and fresh air is something that people want to give their hard-earned money on. Maybe the thought didn’t even cross your mind, but your unique skill set and knowledge make you a perfect candidate for a tour guide. 

There are two things you can do in this industry. You can focus on nature and camping. Organize some sort of unique survival/hiking/camping business that helps people reconnect with nature while learning how to survive and set up camp. There are many great destinations across the states, making it easy for you to pick the most engaging and interesting ones.

You can also opt for 4×4 vehicle tours through the wilderness. If you have served for a few years, you probably know your way around 4×4 vehicles. This is a perfect business idea if you find driving these vehicles fun because you will get paid for something you won’t see as work.

Kickstart a Shooting Range 

If you have experience with firearms and still enjoy being around them, here is an idea for you – why don’t you kickstart a shooting range. Your creativity is your limit here. You can create a good old fashioned shooting range, but there are more options here. For instance, you can design a course with obstacles and teach people how to use their firearms in “weapons hot” situations. 

Business growth and expansion ideas are also in play here. For instance, you can start a firearms dealership. However, before you start planning anything, make sure to check whether you are eligible for a Federal Firearms License.


Finally, you can start blogging. How can blogging be a business? You can turn your blog into a money generating machine with affiliate links. You can write about any products you take a personal interest in. Yes, it can be firearms, but anything will do as long as you deliver your unbiased opinion and are open about having affiliate links. 

While these are fun and exciting business ideas for ex-servicemen and women, bear in mind that it barely scratches all the business opportunities you can pursue. Extend your research and find something that truly inspires you to invest your time and effort.

Veteran Business
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