2013 CalVet Women Veteran Leadership Conference Interviews by Veterans Helping Veterans TV

All 18 interviews will be uploaded to a playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqDNmaBGGYvXKrycq5piN_Y3Ece1K_u6g

So far, 9 of the 18 interviews filmed have been added. Here are the 9 individual links and their description.

Interview with Darcy Pavich

Darcy Pavich, Chaplain and Stand Down Co Ordinator for the Veterans Village San Diego tells how VVSD offers a wide range continuum of services for homeless vets. They offer complete solutions for many of the problems facing our vets like substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment and a full re integration back into society. Strive for something bigger and better and get the help you need. Stand Down is a 3 day event held at the San Diego High School and they bring the services to the vets and offer real solutions. Vets, know what is available to you and get the help you need! All the interviews were conducted by Sheryl Shaffer at the CDVA Women Veterans Leadership Conference, September 2013 in San Diego, CA.

Interview with James Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald, co founder of the Acumen Academy of America offers a real world education for teaching veterans how to start their own business. Most new job creation is done by small businesses. 15% of veterans want to start their own business, but do not have basic business fundamentals. Some of the courses offered will be how to create a business plan, how to form a corporation and other related subjects. How to think like a business owner. Acumen Academy of America, has partnered with Excelsior College, a long distance learning institution in Albany, NY. Interview conducted by Sheryl Shaffer at the C.D.V.A.

Interview with Lindsey Sin

Lindsey Sin, Deputy Secretary for Women Veterans for the California Department of Veteran Affairs speaks about the Women Veterans Leadership conference and how they are empowering women veterans. Women vets face a lot of the same challenges that male veterans do like high unemployment and rising homelessness. The conference is all about empowering women veterans to reach their full potential. We encourage veterans to learn about what their benefits are.

Interview with BriGette McCoy
BriGette McCoy, founder of Social Justice for Women Veterans tells us about her service project about veteran advocates and connecting women veterans in the Atlanta, GA area. BriGette discuses her military sexual trauma she experienced while serving in the U.S. Army. After getting out of the military, she was homeless with young children and eventually obtained housing. She advises women veterans to get a copy of their military medical records and to contact a local veteran service organization veteran service officer to get help with filing for a service connected disability rating.

Interview with Jovane Henry

2014 IAWTV nominee for Best Hosted Series, pre- recorded. Jovane Henry, a U.S. Marine Corps combat correspondent, is host of V2, the Vet View. She started the Vet View talk show as a way to outreach to vets. She helps to put a name and face of veterans to the civilian community. All vets have different journeys and a lot of veterans have overcome major barriers and now lead successful lives. These stories deserve to be seen and heard. Vets will always be coming home and there should be a forum for vets to be able to tell about their military experiences. Jovane is the Marketing and Conference Coordinator for U.S. VETERANS Magazine, a quarterly publication in Irvine, CA.

Interview with Jenna Lombardo

Jenna Lombardo, Executive Director for the Enduring Independence Veterans program for the Goodwill Industries of Orange County, CA, tells us about Enduring Independence and how they are working with the Post 911 vets to develop the skills they need to obtain their employment goal. “Enduring Independence is a pioneering effort whose core thesis is that hiring a veteran is not a moral or patriotic decision, but a smart business decision. Enduring Independence highlights the “ten vet advantages” that are the result of their service and the greatest benefits to employers.” . Jenna,a U.S.M.C. vet, has a strong desire to help people find their independence. We want to empower women veterans to reach their full potential. We encourage veterans to learn about what their benefits are.

Interview with Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone, a U.S. Navy (Ret.) vet, tells us about her transition from her U.S. Navy career to her current job as the Chief Deputy Director for the Military and Veterans Affairs for the County of Los Angeles. The Bob Hope Patriotic Hall has been renovated and is now a one stop shop for vets and their families to learn about veteran benefits, veteran service organizations and community based organizations.

Interview with Robin Kilcoyne,

Robin Kilcoyne, a U.S. Army Vet, is the Executive Director of the Queen of Hearts Equine Services for Heroes. She tells how she become involved with the equine therapeutic riding center in Jurupa Valley. Robin explains why this is such a wonderful therapy for disabled veterans.

Interview with Latonia Dixon

Latonia Dixon, Commander of the American Legion Robert Basker Post 315 of San Francisco, tells us about healing through the arts. She tells us her personal story and how she is recovering from MST, through art therapy. We encourage veterans to learn about what their benefits are and to join a veteran service organization.