Question: I need some ideas on how to save money, please help.

Here are 10 Ways To Save Money

1. Find Cheaper Gas For Your Vehicle – When you get a chance, go on-line and go to a search engine like or When you get there type cheap gas, your cities or towns name, and then state. For example, if I lived in White Plains New York, I would type – cheap gas in White Plains, New York – A lot of information should come up on where to find the cheapest gas in that city.

2. Have A Mechanic Check Your Car Air Filter – When the air filter in your vehicle gets dirty, you could be wasting gas. Basically, the air is not getting filtered correctly to the engine. If you have a mechanic check this and if the air filter is changed, you should be getting better gas mileage.

3. Your Cell Phone Usage – Review different cell phone plans from your cell phone carrier. You can compare the costs of the different plans on a monthly basis. Sometimes when you are under a contract your cell phone carrier will not charge you for downgrading your plan. That was something I discovered a few years back. Military and Veterans are often eligible for lower rates.

4. E-Bill Pay – Call your bank or the next time you are at your bank, ask the teller if the bank offers free e-bill pay? I discovered this about fourteen years ago and I have used it ever since. When you sign-up for e-bill pay – then you sign into your bank on-line you will be able to fill out your billers information and pay them automatically or manually. This will help to save gas and going to the post office for stamps. Many bank offer members of the military and veterans special rates so don’t be afraid to ask. Paying your bills online is important to deployed members of the military and those military families who are moving to a new location.

5. Food Coupons – Start looking at coupons that save you money on food and other items. You can usually find this in the junk mail that comes to your address. If you use the coupons, over time you will be able to save some money from doing this. You can also find coupons online including coupons to your local commissary.

6. Quit Smoking – Smoking can be expensive especially to your health over time. It is an expensive habit, and can be more expensive later if a person becomes ill. If you want to quit smoking and need help, find a program that helps smokers quit. When people change their habits, it can be life changing. Many military bases offer smoking cessation programs for military and their families.

7. Paying For Cable Television – Do you watch a lot of cable television? Review your cable bill and see how much you spend a month. Do you really need cable television? If not, cancel the service. The bill from the television or cable company can sometimes be $100 or more per month. If the bill is $100 a month, that is $1,200 a year! Find a good saving account and watch that money work for you! You can also view many shows online or bundle cable with your Internet service.

8. The Gym – If you go to the gym to work, review your bill the next time you get it. Look around for other gyms that are cheaper. Having a balanced diet and working out is a good thing to do and there is no need to overpay for these services. Many military bases provide gyms. You should also ask your gym if they provide military and veteran discounts.

9. Clothes Shopping – If you need to shop for clothes, look around for sales. You can usually find these in the junk mail when you receive your mail. If you can, compare different stores and the prices they have via advertisements from the mail. Sometimes, stores also have on-line deals that inform you of what is on sale. Also many chains offer designer clothes at greatly reduced rates.

10. Paying For Car Insurance – Look online for cheaper insurance quotes. There are a lot of deals you can find to get the same amount of insurance or more insurance for a cheaper price. Most of the time, it is better to talk to a representative from the insurance agency instead of getting an on-line quote. Insurance brokers represent many companies and can provide you the best rates. There are also insurance companies that specialize in serving military and veterans.

11. Setting Up A Budget – If you do not have a budget yet, what is stopping you from setting one up? Budgeting (managing) your money is the best way to get ahead financially. Even before payday, you want to plan where your money is going to go. Having a budget is one of the smartest things you can do with your money. Did you know that budgeting is the financial foundation to financial freedom? Therefore, start a budget today! This will help you avoid predatory payday lenders for military.

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