RealMilitaryFlix Videos


The Russian One-Man Carry Device

Transporting an injured soldier over rough terrain often took several men and a stretcher. This ingenious devise was borrowed from the Russians – a simple belt that allowed one man to do the work of four.


OSS Film – Personal Concealment Training

Teaches methods of hiding out in the open using available resources.


Astonishing Iraq Apache Night Vision Attack on Terrorists

Apache Gunship spots saboteur’s as they hide weapons off the road at night. Note to terrorists: “Don’t get caught counting the steps it takes to find the weapon later – looks like you are hiding something and the consequences are, well, not very good.


Postwar Life in Berlin

Black market, fraternization policy is lifted for American Gis.



OSS Film uses a German Newsreel of European fortifications to prepare and motivate Allied invaders for what they will face during D-Day.


WWII Experimental Tests – US’s Own Buzz Bomb, the JB-2, Special Airborne Oxygen Tanks

Cutting edge for WWII. Shows a segmented shatterproof airborne oxygen tank that doesn’t explode when shot by bullet rounds. Next segmetn shows the JB-2 which the US borrowed from the German design to create their own “V-1 Buss Bomb.” The JB-2, built by Republic Aviation (airframe) and Ford Motor Company (pulsejet engine), was reverse-engineered by inspecting V-1 wreckage found in England and was first flight-tested less than four months after the first V-1 attack. While the first flights were from Eglin AAF, Florida, extensive testing was also done at Wendover Army Air Field in Utah, launching only a few hundred feet from the sheds where delivery methods for the first atomic bombs were being developed under Project Alberta. The JB-2 was intended as a weapon in the planned invasion of Japan, but Japan surrendered and the invasion did not take place. Following the war, testing at Wendover continued, including comparison tests between the original German missile and the American copy. Later, preliminary design work was done on a small atomic warhead to be fitted to the JB-2, but it was never built.


Improvised Allied Infantry Weapons on the Western Front

During the Battle of the Bulge and beyond, Allied forces had to improvise to make adequate uniforms. They utilized captured weapons to fight in the freezing weather. They also made improvized weapons out of bazookas and grenades. The military snow vehicle, the Weasel, proved very helpful for certain tasks during combat.