Veterans School Profiles

Veteran schools, veteran colleges, veteran universities, veteran trade schools and veteran certification programs are anxious to tailor their programs to better serve the needs of their veteran students. This is due in part to the rich veteran education benefits and improvements within the Post 9/11 GI Bill. For this reason, wants to profile those Veteran education institutions that go above and beyond.

Veteran schools and veteran colleges recognize that their veteran students may have challenges that their civilian students do not experience. To that end, many of these schools go out of their way to provide additional support. Many veteran schools, veteran colleges, veteran trade schools and veteran certification programs also provide valuable services to place their veterans in jobs in their respective fields. School placement rates are often a major factor in selecting the right veteran school. Other support comes in the form of establishing a Student Veterans Chapter on campus with special support and a place for their student veterans to meet.

If you attend a veteran college, a veteran university, a veteran trade school or are working on a veteran certification program at a school that that goes out of their way to support the special needs of their student veterans, please send an email to [email protected] and we will highlight your education institution.

School Article
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