JULY 2017


This month we will talk about clothing allowances that are provided by the Veterans Administration. Veterans who have unique clothing needs as a result of a service-related disability or injury may receive a supplement to their disability compensation. The clothing allowance reimburses you if your clothing gets permanently damaged by a prosthetic or orthopedic appliance you wear, or by a prescribed medication you use on your skin that has been prescribed by the VA. If eligible, you can receive a one-time or yearly allowance for reimbursement.

You may receive a clothing allowance as a Veteran who uses either of the following:

  • Prosthetic or orthopedic appliance, such as a wheelchair or crutches, because of a service-connected disability (Note: soft and flexible devices, such as an elastic stocking, are not included)
  • Medication prescribed by a physician for a service-connected skin condition that causes permanent stains or otherwise damages outer garments

Additional clothing allowances may be provided if more than one prosthetic or orthopedic appliance, or medication described above, is used and/or affects more than one type of clothing garment.

Payments are based on the rate table set by law. You can view the current rate tableto determine the benefit amount. The current rate is $777.39.

To receive annual payment, you must establish eligibility by August 1 of the year for which you claim payment. That deadline is fast approaching, so please come into our office to apply, if you are eligible.


To apply you must Submit VA Form 10-8678, Application for Annual Clothing Allowance to the prosthetic representative at your local VA medical center. You can use Facility Locator to locate your nearest VA health care facility. If you have not submitted a claim for disability compensation, you must complete the application prior to filing for clothing allowance. Applications are collected throughout the year and held until the closing date of August 1st. They are then processed and Veterans will receivepayments between September 1st and October 31st. This is an annual payment and will only be made during this time frame. If you have not received your payment by October 31st, you should contact our office. You must be service connected for the condition that causes you to wear the apparatus or use the topical substance that makes you eligible for this allowance.