Hero Hire Program

“HERO HEALTH HIRE” Program Links Wounded Warriors with Health Care Jobs

Tens of thousands of “Wounded Warriors” are transitioning into the civilian workforce. The “Hero Health Hire” program is designed to translate their skills into the civilian workplace. MilitaryConnection.com is Go-To-Site for Veteran healthcare jobs. MilitaryConnection.com serves as a catalyst to help Wounded Warriors and Veterans who are seeking careers in healthcare. These include and are not limited to Veteran Physician Jobs, RN Jobs for Veterans, Allied Health Jobs for Veterans, Physician Assistant Jobs For Veterans, Nurse Practitioner Jobs For Veterans and more.

Employment growth in healthcare is expected to increase more than any other industry through 2014. Employers are seeking to increase the available labor of health care employees. The Department of Defense is working to help Wounded Warriors and Veterans to train and find jobs in the private health care industry. Those employers that hire Veterans and Wounded Warriors are also eligible for significant tax credits from the VOW To Hire Heroes Act.

Health care employers are encouraged to welcome and to recruit Wounded Warriors and Veterans. Hero Health Hire provides a mentoring program to help former service members to succeed at their new jobs. The DOD is working with other agencies such as the Department of Labor, Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs.

Health Management Services, Inc. (HMS) has joined Hero Health Hire. HMS is a coalition of healthcare organizations that are committed to employing wounded warriors and veterans. Hero Health Hire unites the healthcare industry with government agencies and the military.

  • Veteran Healthcare Jobs
  • Physician Jobs For Veterans
  • RN Jobs For Veterans
  • Nursing Jobs For Veterans
  • OT & PT Jobs For Veterans
  • Dentist Jobs For Veterans
  • Allied Heath Jobs For Veterans
  • Veteran Physician Assistants
  • Veteran Nurse Practitioners
  • Veteran Pharmacists
  • EMT & Paramedic Veteran Jobs
  • Home Health Veteran Jobs

The Go-To-Site for veteran healthcare jobs is militaryconnection.com. The website connects many employers with Wounded Warriors, Transitioning Military and Veterans. The healthcare industry is booming. Visit MilitaryConnection.com and make the connection today.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) Jobs For Veterans and Paramedic Jobs For Veterans is an area that will see dramatic growth. Many of those who have worked as combat medics in the military can train and gain the education to also become physicians and nurses. Additionally, employment of EMTs and paramedics is expected to grow by 33 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Another of area of growth in healthcare jobs is Home Health including Home Health Aids that help people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired. They also help older adults who may need assistance. The Home Health Industry is growing for all healthcare jobs including nursing, physicians and therapists. Veterans and Military Spouses are uniquely qualified for Healthcare Jobs.

Employers who have Healthcare Jobs for Veterans, Healthcare Jobs For Wounded Warriors and Healthcare Jobs For Transitioning Military can connect with viable candidates with MilitaryConnection.com, a Top 100 Employment Web Site. Become a Veteran Friendly Employer. When the next tour of duty is back home, it’s on MilitaryConnection.com