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The Post 9/11 GI Bill is one of the most valuable benefits earned by those who serve. It is important to select a veteran friendly college, veteran friendly university or veteran friendly vocational school. There are magazines and some web sites that select what they characterize as “Top Military Friendly Schools” or “Top Veteran Friendly Schools”. has made the decision that we will not rate schools because at the end of the day, it is the Veteran Student’s opinion that matters.

We feel fortunate to have Joseph Vasquez aboard as the newest member of the team. Joe has served in three different branches of the military and is currently a Veteran Student pursing a degree in communications. He is interning with us. Joe’s opinions and perspectives matter. As part of his internship, he will be writing a series of articles from the perspective of a student veteran. Joe understands what matters and the challenges facing student veterans. We want to learn what are the qualities that make a veteran friendly school. We want to learn what is important to veteran students. If you are a veteran student or graduated recently and are interested in sharing your opinions, please contact us and will feature them on Email us at [email protected].

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10/15/2012 Veteran Friendly Schools
10/4/2012 Military to Student Veteran

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