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Do I want to further my education and go to college? If I go to college, will I be able to get a scholarship? How will I pay for my education? Education, and financing that education, play a very important role in our society. Although the learning process starts the day we are born, for many people, high school signals the end of their formal education.  But nowadays there is an increased demand for a higher education to be successful and competitive in the job marketplace. Although a higher education can be expensive, the rewards of self-improvement, a successful career, development of character and social improvements are some of the rewards. And today, more than ever before, attaining that degree is made easier through a multitude of scholarships and financial assistance programs available to today’s college and university students.  At, we want to help our users improve their futures by improving their education. Our new Education and Scholarship sections will help you navigate through the process. Besides the Scholarship Database, which contains thousands of scholarships, we also feature informative articles and information on higher education, and navigating through the process. So if you are interested in bettering your future and achieving your degree, be it an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or Ph.D, begin your fact finding mission at We want to be your “go to” web site for education and scholarship information.

11/29/2011 2012 Scholarships for Military Children opens Dec. 1
11/1/2011 No Near-term Changes to DOD Tuition Assistance Policy
5/26/2011 Allied Health Institute Launches Chiropractic Technologist Associate of Science Degree Program
5/25/2011 Veterans Administration Educational Programs
5/25/2011 Education and Training Opportunities at the PHS Commissioned Corp
5/25/2011 Digital Training Campus available for deployed Soldiers
11/2/2010 Changes to Voluntary Education Program Helps Sailors Achieve Educational Goals
10/25/2010 D’Youville Ranks near the Top in Veteran Services
8/31/2010 Family Matters Blog: First Week of School Survival Guide
7/28/2010 DOD to Resume Restructured Military Spouse Career Program
6/25/2010 Children of Fallen Troops Now Qualified to Apply for GI Bill Scholarships
6/23/2010 Gates Reviews military spouse career program
6/23/2010 New Scholarship for the Children of Some Deceased Veterans–Benefit Honors Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry
6/23/2010 Vet Students Encounter Benefit Funding Delays
6/3/2010 Veterans Affairs Department Opens Application Processing for Fry Scholarship
6/3/2010 American Council on Education to Host Online Brainstorm Meeting
6/3/2010 Helpful Hints on Scholarship Hunting for Military Students
5/27/2010 Navy Training Honors 2009 Instructors of the Year
4/20/2010 DoDEA Launches Interactive Educational Resource
4/19/2010 Tuition Assistance Shifts Online
3/17/2010 College Reaches out to Children of Military Families
3/11/2010 Employment program to resume for enrolled spouses
3/11/2010 Military Experience and Training Help You Win That Job
2/15/2010 Interstate Compact Eases School Transitions
2/1/2010 Military Families Gain Access to Free, Online Tutoring 
2/1/2010 VA to Begin Recovery of GI Bill Advance Payments
1/26/2010 Consultants Offer Support to Off-base Schools
11/24/2009 D’Youville reached out to Children of Military Families
10/15/2009 Backlog in Benefits Claims Has VA Struggling
10/1/2009 Open more doors for your career and step up to your potential
7/20/2009 Operation Life Transformed Awarded 5000 Scholarships
5/22/2009 San Diego State Opens Doors to New GI Bill Recipients
5/22/2009 Gov. Schwarzenegger Urges Legislators to Support Bill Providing California National Guard Higher Education Benefits
5/22/2009 Winning a Scholarship Award
5/22/2009 Who Should Apply for Scholarships?
5/22/2009 What Do Veterans Need to Remember as They Think About College
5/22/2009 Veterans Education Benefits: Where to Go and What to Take.
5/22/2009 Troops returning from war face social and financial challenges
5/22/2009 Troops Eager for GI Bill Revision
5/22/2009 Top 10 Things To Take To College
5/22/2009 The Army ROTC Four, Three and Two-Year Scholarships
5/22/2009 Scholarship Myths…Debunked
5/22/2009 Scholarship Essays
5/22/2009 Scholarship Basics — What You Should Know About Free Money For College
5/22/2009 Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)
5/22/2009 Section 529 Savings Plans
5/22/2009 Search for Scholarships…But Don’t Get Scammed
5/22/2009 Making the Grade: Tips on Being a Successful Student
5/22/2009 Letters of Recommendation – Common Questions
5/22/2009 How Parents Can Motivate Students to Find Scholarships

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