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Do the post 9/11 GI Bill benefits apply to any veteran college?

Any veteran college or other veteran school qualifies you for post 9/11 GI Bill benefits for veteran education, provided you’re eligible. The Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans GI Bill education may even allow you to receive veteran benefits for a private or out-of-state school for veterans, including college for veterans.

Veteran College

To qualify for the post 9/11 GI Bill for veteran college (or any school for veterans) you must have enrolled in service after September 11, 2001. The percentage of veterans GI Bill benefits you receive depends on length of service. For instance, you receive:

    • 100% for serving 36 months

    • 70% for serving 18 months

    • 40% for serving 90 days or more

Regardless of length of service, GI Bill education benefits can help with college for veterans or any other veteran school.

You don’t qualify for housing portion of the post 9/11 GI Bill education benefits for veteran college if you’re on active duty or taking all veteran school classes online. The housing veterans GI Bill benefits are for those who are physically attending a college for veterans or any other type of school for veterans, and not activity serving.

With these new GI Bill veteran benefits, tuition for veteran education is paid directly to your veteran college or veteran school. You need not worry about ensuring your college for veterans or other school for veterans gets paid; the government does it for you.