That Military House – Tips

TMH Tip #1:

Prepare you household linens for your upcoming PCS move so they are ready for your new home. Carefully launder and press all linens (including sheets, table cloths and towels). Use hangers to hold your curtains and other long linens. Make sure they are in a closet and placed in a wardrobe boxwhen they are packed. All other ‘foldable’ linens should be placed in tall kitchen plastic bags with a dryer sheet and tied or sealed shut. They will stay fresh during transportation and will not need to be cleaned again upon arrival and usage.

TMH Tip #2:

Curtains! Curtains! Curtains! Don’t we all have a box full from past homes? Well, don’t run out and buy new ones before you try this idea.

    • Need extra length? Add a horizantal panel in a coordinating fabric to the bottom of a hem by sewing it behind the hold hem and adding a fancy trim to camouflage the seam. Not a seamstress. Check out ‘fusible webbing”, all you need a hot iron. Also try using snaps or Velcro… need them shorter again? Just remove the added portion.

TMH Tip #3:

Need to add color to a space without using paint? Try framing or stretching large pieces of fabric.

    • Use blank artists canvas as a foundation. Spray the canvas lightly with spray adhesive. Place fabric onto canvas and smooth. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the back of the wood frame.

    • Instead of the standard frame matting, choose coordinating fabrics and use them as a background for your photos or art.

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