Suzanne Dee Gorman’s Biography

Suzan Gorman

Suzanne Gorman is the next singer to be coming out to hit both the adult contemporary and country genres.  Her music has both pop and country appeal, with the same caliber of talent as top artist Shania Twain.  Suzanne is a new artist that writes her own music with her first nationally distributed CD “Open Book” released on September 19, 2006 highlights both her vocals abilities and her writing.

Suzanne’s father and brother’s love for music influenced her to enjoy all types of music. At age 7 she climbed onto her first horse and that is when her passion for horses began. Her training and dreams involved one day qualifying for the Olympics in Dressage. About 9 years ago Suzanne suffered a serious surgical neck injury. With this new battle to overcome she looked to learning to play the guitar as part of her therapy. As time passed the guitar has not only proven itself as a recovery tool but also has inspired a new musical awakening within her. Music has a way of healing any broken heart as Suzanne found out.

In 1998, Suzanne was invited to Nashville by her friend, Nancy Peacock who is a Nashville song writer and publisher. Nancy’s songs have been performed both nationally and overseas including most recently by European female country artist of the year, Lucie Diamond. Nancy welcomed Suzanne on her first visit to record in a studio, on Nashville’s famous Music Row. Three months later she returned to begin recording several of her own arrangements and received early recognition for her artistry within the Nashville music community.  Suzanne soon met and started to write and publish with her co-writers, Nancy Peacock, Amy Holt, Jo Linder Andi Zack, Kim Barker and Lisa Palas, whose songs have been performed and recorded by major pop and country artists such as Reba McEntire, Alabama.

In live performance, Suzanne opened for James Taylor in his Palm Springs concert and has performed in venues in Nashville and throughout the USA. Suzanne has also received an impressive amount of recognition in and around the Philadelphia area. This includes performances at financial giant Smith Kline’s corporate events, the Mayor of Philadelphia’s party at The Moshulu, the Devon Horse Show Publicity party, The Academy Ball in Philadelphia, as well as many others.  Just as well, Suzanne was selected to be a stand-in for M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

This impressive artist has also been able to give back to the community with her uplifting spirit and songs. Suzanne started a foundation, called “Christians Night Live,” which has raised more than $200,000 in the past two years for Muscular Dystrophy treatment.

Signed to Range Records, Suzanne is taking her music beyond the writer hangouts of Nashville, club appearances in Philadelphia, and her charity performances.

On this impressive debut CD “Open Book“, recorded with top-call sidemen at Reba McEntire’s Starstruck Studios, she makes it clear that a broad background, a history of battling down challenges, and a commitment to sharing her gift with the world can only enhance a talent that’s already unique.

On “Open Book“, a vivid picture emerges of a young woman who knows well the healing power of love ( “You Make Me Beautiful” ) as well as its delicacy ( “After I Say I Love You” , her stunning duet with Jeff Twartzig ) the loss ( “Heartbreaker” ) and the need one feels in its absence ( “Stranger and Me” ).

We also glimpse the soul of someone who knows the value of solitary reflection
( “Sanctuary” ), who has found meaning in simple virtues ( “This Side Of The Riviera” ) and exhilaration in seizing control of her destiny ( “In Africa” ) and in the intimate strains of ( “Sleeping Beauty” ) wisdom in acceptance “ What’s within my reach is out of my control”. There’s affirmation as well in ( “You Gotta Believe” ), which Suzanne wrote for her close friend, the late “Baseball Hall Of Famer, Tug McGraw”.

To date, she has written numerous songs for her catalog and recently Red Eye Entertainment asked Suzanne to write a song for Surgicorps International. She wrote the song “Just For A Smile “and on Oct 21, 2006 she performed it live at their event.

She wants the public to know that with a strong love for life and the will to fight, the mind and heart can become powerful through a long challenging journey. She loves people and wants to give back in equal measure of what she has received. Every moment in life that she shares her music, she feels like she is in the right place at the right time.