The Importance of Support Groups for Military Families


According to the Department of Defense, In February 2008 all four branches of the service in February 2008 marked their eighth straight month of successful active duty recruiting, meeting or exceeding their recruitment goals. With over 150,000 troops currently deployed in the Middle East, and without a foreseeable end to military operations in sight, hundreds of thousands of military families in the United States are feeling the effects of separation. There has been an increased demand for information for these families, including information for a military loan, military pay, military education and military enlistment information.  Clearly, a support network of resources for these growing numbers of servicemen and women and their families is a critical need, both present and future. Cognizant of this need, and proudly making it their mission to make this information readily available, serves all branches of the active military including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Reserves, as well as veterans, retirees, DoD civil servants and their families. is a comprehensive online directory that focuses on government jobs and civilian jobs, as well as a cornucopia of additional benefits.


Deployment of a military spouse in any branch of service – be it the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Reserves – at war in Afghanistan or Iraq, takes its toll. There are many issues that service members and their spouses may face that are unique to them as a group, which may be alleviated and eased, to some degree, through support groups, networking and online directories. Financial problems often hamper countless military families during times of deployment, placing unexpected burdens on loved ones left behind with bills and other expenses. The mobile lifestyle that a military family has can be extremely difficult at times, particularly during periods of relocation. This can be especially difficult for children who are continually required to adjust to new friends, schools and homes. It is difficult for any family member to watch a significant other board a transport plane for a tour of duty. The much anticipated homecoming from deployment, after the months and years of waiting, may be filled with excitement and relief. But they may also be filled with stress, uncertainty, concern, and distance from one another. The reintegration process following homecoming involves taking time for the veteran, family and friends to become reacquainted. This is a time to talk and listen to one another, and to restore trust, support and closeness. Some service members have difficulties, and struggle with their transition back home. They need to take advantage of support groups, networking and resources that are available to them.


There will be common problems and struggles faced by the military men and women who are proudly serving our country. But the good news is that there are a lot of resources and information to support them. It is increasingly clear that with the widespread amount of information available through the internet, these adjustments can be easier. is an online directory of military resources with over 10,000 pages of relevant information designed to serve all branches of the active military. contains leads for thousands of different military, government, federal and civilian jobs, directories of employers with numerous participants and virtual job fairs and job postings, education information including military schools, military education and federal schools, and tools such as military pay charts, salary and military pay calculators. The list goes on and on! provides a great tool for developing the essential qualities for a successful life for servicemen and women, both during and after the military, and looks forward to serving you!


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