Special Requests & Offers

MilitaryConnection.com wants to help fulfill military special requests from our men and women in uniform.  Military Special Requests and helping to answer them for the troops are one of the many ways civilians can express their gratitude for all of the sacrifices that these heroes make. Although there are numerous organizations and non profit groups that are working to answer these military special requests, not all of them have a way to get the word out. At MilitaryConnection.com, we are pleased to be able to provide a forum for many of these groups. We are happy to help spread the word as to what citizens can do to make the life of our servicemembers and their families a little bit easier by answering these military special requests. We ask a lot from our servicemembers. Even with the difficult challenges of multiple extended combat tours, they continue to do their duty effectively and with pride. Many of their families need assistance too. We are featuring some of the military special requests that many people may not know about. If you would like to learn about more military groups and military non profit organizations, please visit the Charity Connection on MilitaryConnection.com. We cannot make promises, but will do our very best to publicize these military special needs so that our users will be aware of them and may wish to offer assistance.  From time to time, we will also focus on some of the outstanding non-profit groups that work 24/7 to help address the special needs of the military community 

Date Request
11/17/2010 FREE TICKETS – Anaheim Ducks vs Edmonton Oliers – Sun. Nov. 21 2011
12/18/2009 Special Care Packagest that can be donated to Soldiers Angels
7/15/2009 A production company is looking for a military family for a documentary – Los Angeles area
5/21/2009 Soldiers need Civilian Clothing

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