Fired-up About Firearms?

Perhaps your interest in firearms began with the desire for home protection. Or maybe your enthusiasm was born out of a need to blow-off steam at the range. For many military members, owning a firearm is simply a gesture of patriotism and exercising their Second Amendment rights. If you can identify with any of these reasons, you’re not alone.

Many Americans are discovering firearms and the desire to buy concealed weapons. With more Americans returning to the firing range and purchasing small handguns, careers in Gunsmithing are growing. Now might be the perfect time to consider returning to school and pursuing a degree in Firearms or a Gunsmithing certificate.

Gun owners realize there’s great responsibility when it comes to gun ownership. There’s maintenance, repairs and plenty of opportunities for customization. With countless options in scopes, stocks, sights and even triggers, individuals with the proper skills are in demand. You can help continue a legacy of craftsmanship; one capable of making Sam Colt proud if he were alive today.

With a vocationally focused degree program you can develop the skills you need:

    • Fundamentals of Gunsmithing

    • Business principles

    • Troubleshooting firearms

    • Custom barrels and trigger work

    • Gunstocks and sights

    • Ballistics

    • Metal refinishing and reloading

    • Metal work and engraving

You can graduate with comprehensive understanding of firearms; familiarity with loading mechanisms, gun assembly, and accessories.

Check out what one of Sonoran Desert Institute’s graduates had to say about their program.

Like in the military, job shadowing and apprenticeship are strong compliments to a varied course of study. Through practice, you can master your skills drafting, soldering and welding.

Enroll in one of the most complete training programs in Firearms Technology and Gunsmithing. Sonoran Desert Institute is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Defend your right to continue your education.

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