Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA
Executive Director, Harvesting Happiness for Heroes™

Lisa Cypers Kamen is a filmmaker, positive psychology coach, author, radio show host, professor and lecturer specializing in the field of happiness. She is widely recognized as an expert on the subject. Lisa’s acclaimed documentary film co-produced with her now fourteen year-old daughter, Kayla, “H-Factor…Where is your heart?” explores how people in varied circumstances find, generate and share happiness. In addition to her film on happiness, Lisa has also published a number of articles and books entitled, Got Happiness Now?, Are We Happy Yet?, Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed and Reintegration Strategies, about combat trauma and using positive psychology principles in the post-deployment reintegration process.

Harvesting Happiness for Heroes™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that delivers stigma-free integrated combat trauma recovery services at no cost to warriors and warrior families. Using scientifically proven strengths based Positive Psychology coaching and interdisciplinary tools such as film, yoga, meditation, art and creative writing designed to mindfully empower the client to achieve increased self-mastery, self-esteem and reclaim her/his life. HH4Heroes focuses on the balance of mind, body and emotion resulting in greater overall wellbeing and Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). We offer retreat workshops, one-on-one coaching, Battle Buddy programs, as well as our new Online virtual coaching classrooms designed to reached underserved areas. In addition, HH4Heroes deploys Return to Duty™ civilian and corporate training to help welcome a warrior home and into the community and workplace.

Nothing gives happiness like a free gift-unwrap Got Happiness Now?. Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit delivering no-cost stigma-free transition support programming for returning service members and their families. Enjoy free uplifting and engaging podcasts of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio 24/7. Reintegration Strategies is a no-nonsense handbook that is a must read for all military. Check out other great items that can bring greater wellbeing into your life and the lives of others at Shop Happy. Happiness is an inside job™.

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