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Government Vacation Rewards remains the industry leader in providing the guaranteed best prices on travel and vacation packages to members of the U.S. military community. In their ongoing commitment to service members, retired personnel, Veterans and their families, Government Vacation Rewards is the only vacation and travel company that accepts the Military Star Card. Furthering that commitment to our nation’s men and women in uniform, Government Vacation Rewardsis a proud sponsor of a cinematicwork of art that conveys the unique strugglesof an elite group of U.S. troops sent on a dangerous mission deep inside one of Afghanistan’s most hostile valleys.

“The Hornet’s Nest” has given filmmakers David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud the opportunity to bridge the disconnect between the military and civilian community, utilizing footage captured by award winning journalist and author Mike Boettcher and his son, Carlos. The father and son tandem embedded with American Forces in Afghanistan as they came under the constant threat of enemy encounters.

“The Hornets Nest” puts you on the ground with U.S. Soldiers and Marines, and dives you into a real-life perspective of their day-to-day struggles. With an unremitting fight for survival, the film captures life through our nation’s longest period of war. The motion picture attempts to explain to the friends and families of Veterans what their loved one has been through, as well as helping Veterans explain what they experienced.

The film is being released in select cities and theaters beginning May 23rd, 2014. By visiting you can find more information about specific release dates, cities and theaters.

The staff at Government Vacation Rewards encourages every American to see “The Hornets Nest,” if only to get a true glimpse into the lives of the Soldiers and Marines that served and fought in Afghanistan. They encourage Americans to honor and remember their nation’s service members and Veterans everyday, not just on national holidays. Seeing “The Hornets Nest” over Memorial Day weekend is the perfect way to pay tribute to those who have fought for our country.

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