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December 8, 2006 [email protected]



As we approach the holidays and New Year, and Meeting Site Solutions are joining forces to send a special greeting to the men and women serving our fine nation. We know that the holiday season can be difficult for families separated by thousands of miles. Military Connection and Meeting Site Solutions want to thank the men and women serving our nation and their loved ones for their many sacrifices. We salute you. Our hearts go out to all the spouses, children, family members and friends of fallen soldiers. They are all heroes. and Meeting Site Solutions joined forces to assist the M. Scott Kerr Foundation and the Snowball Express in their first endeavor to provide a dream weekend for the children and spouses of fallen soldiers. Military Connection has sent out over 50,000 press releases to make those who are eligible for this weekend cognizant of it. Military Connection also obtained articles featuring the event in authorized military base newspapers and coverage on military talk radio shows. Additionally, Military Connection provided pro bono online advertising and obtained sponsorships for families enabling them to attend the dream weekend.

Meeting Site Solutions, a professional meeting and conference planning company, stepped up to the plate when Debbie Gregory, President of Military Connection asked for their help. They secured hundreds of free hotel rooms for the participating families. Both our organizations wish the Snowball Express and the M. Scott Kerr Foundation success in their inaugural dream weekend for the children of fallen heroes. We assisted on this project because we are committed to helping the families of fallen soldiers.

At the same time, both Military Connection and Meeting Site Solutions want to clarify that we are not part of or affiliated with either the Snowball Express or the M. Scott Kerr Foundation. We are not responsible in any way whatsoever for any representations made by either organization. The Snowball Express and the M. Scott Kerr Foundation assured us that the privacy of these families would be respected and protected. We do not believe that requiring the surviving spouses and/or guardians to sign an irrevocable photographic release on their behalf and that of their children to attend the dream weekend is consistent with respecting and/or protecting the privacy of these families.

Military Connection and Meeting Site Solutions understand the need for a Liability Release, and this is not the issue. However, we believe it is sensible that the families are able to determine for themselves if they want their photographic images, video and/or audio recordings used. These families should first have the opportunity to review this media and how and where it will be used before signing an irrevocable release. The privacy of these families is paramount and deserves to be protected. With this said, we want to reiterate our best wishes for the success of these events for the families. They deserve the very best. They are everyone’s heroes.

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Meeting Site Solutions is a professional planning and conference company located in Westake Village, California specializing in site selection and contract negotiations for their clients. These services are provided free to clients. Meeting Site Solutions also secures hotel rooms for group meetings. Amy Walker-Davis, a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), Managing Director of Meeting Site Solutions, worked tirelessly to secure hundreds of hotel rooms for the families. Meeting Site Solutions can be reached at 805-496-0977 or email at [email protected].