NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-17
September 29, 2015

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The Issue: Allow veterans the opportunity to pursue small business and entrepreneurial aspirations by giving access to Small Business Administration resources using their GI Bill benefit.

Immediate Action Required: Ask your senators and representatives to support the Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act of 2015; S. 1870 sponsored by Sen. Jerry Moran, R-KS, and H.R. 3248 sponsored by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-NE

NGAUS strongly supports the Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act of 2015, Senate and House companion bills that would establish a 3-year pilot program that will enable up to 250 GI Bill benefit-eligible veterans to pursue an educational entrepreneurial training program, be provided business plan development assistance, and receiving their GI Bill benefit in the form of a grant in order to implement their business plan.

Higher education is essential for many veterans, but some have a different calling. Veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans and this bill will allow those veterans looking to start their own businesses access to Small Business Administration resources and the ability use their GI Bill benefits in another way. The grant available to veterans participating in this pilot program may be equivalent to the GI Bill maximum amount of 36 months of educational assistance at the rate in effect for each veteran through the GI Bill benefit program.

Please contact your Senators and representatives and urge them to support these bills.


Use the Write to Congress feature at to email your elected representatives. A sample letter is included. Email the prewritten message or edit it as you desire. Also, urge your friends and family members to use Write to Congress. For more information on the issue, visit Please direct any questions to Grace Washbourne, the NGAUS legislative program manager for joint programs, at 202-408-5893 or [email protected].