What information do you have on National Guard Enlistment?

The National Guard and Military Reserve are great choices for anyone pursuing military enlistment but that cannot or do not want to commit to full time military enlistment. National Guard enlistment and Reserve Guard military enlistment provide you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of military enlistment, including leadership building, adventure and great career opportunities. The National Guard Army offers potential for excellent National Guard pay, even for National Guard Reserves. National Guard pay is just one of the many great National Guard benefits you receive with your National Guard enlistment.

National Guard enlistment or enlistment into the Reserve Guard guarantees individual growth. The National Guard Army and National Guard Reserves challenge you daily with different tasks. They provide a system of advancement so that your Military Reserve and National Guard experience can grow with your skills. As you progress, you will be eligible for higher National Guard pay, insurance benefits and other National Guard benefits.

Some of the National Guard benefits include adventure, earned salary doing something fulfilling (impressive National Guard pay), education benefits and paid time off.

The National Guard Army, Reserve Guard, and National Guard Reserves have strict enlistment requirements just like any other military service. In order to provide such impressive National Guard benefits, the Military Reserve and National Guard must abide by certain government requirements including specific military enlistment standards. Things such as age, citizenship and physical capability come into play when enlisting with the National Guard, National Guard Reserves and Reserve Guard. Although National Guard enlistment and enlistment with the Reserve Guard or Military Reserve provides similar benefits as military enlistment for other sectors, the same enlistment requirements as the National Guard Army apply.