Heavy Equipment Student Lands Job in the Dominican Republic

Daniel Garcia has been fascinated with heavy equipment and machinery his whole life but he knew that knowledge was the key to success and advancement. After working in laborer positions for more than a decade, he discovered Northern California College of Construction. The college is one of three U.S. heavy equipment training schools offering three three-week courses to learn how to safely operate loaders, backhoes, dozers, skid steers, excavators, and rough terrain mobile cranes. Upon graduation he received the nationally recognized NAHETS certification through the ADEPT program, Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing.

The student became the teacher as Daniel returned to the school and followed his passion of educating others.  He used the important knowledge he gained from the construction school to help train and certify other students at the Northern California College of Construction.

Due to his NAHETS certification, new doors opened for Daniel at a variety of employment opportunities from small companies to government agencies. In 2011, he was even offered an exciting position in the tropical Dominican Republic to train and set procedural standards for heavy equipment operators. In this role, he was integral in setting the high American standard of heavy equipment operations throughout the region.

“The education I received expanded my horizons in so many ways. I was selected for this great position because of the qualifications and the certification I earned,” said Daniel.

For military veterans, certification from an approved heavy equipment training center can be the start of a rewarding civilian career and many veterans find that their operational experience is highly valuable in the construction trade.  Each of the three Colleges of Construction in Oklahoma, Georgia and Northern California, accept VA benefits which cover most expenses including tuition, fees, books, supplies and housing. Military veterans can learn more about this program and each school at www.nahets.org.