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Q: How does the new GI Bill work?

A: The new GI Bill for veterans is the most comprehensive education veteran benefits package since the original VA GI Bill signed into law in 1944. Unlike the Montgomery GI Bill that had to be used within 10 years of discharge, the new post 9/11 GI Bill benefits are available up to 15 years.

GI Bill

In other words, education for veterans is a big priority, making school for veterans a real possibility.

Veteran benefits within the new GI Bill include:

    • Tuition and fees

    • Monthly housing stipend

    • Books and school supplies stipend

The percentage of these benefits to go toward education for veterans depends on length of service. To receive full benefits of the post 9/11 GI Bill, you must have served 36 or more months or 30 or more consecutive days with a disability-related discharge. And while the Montgomery GI Bill makes tuition payments directly to students, this VA GI Bill makes payments directly to each school for veterans. And the Yellow Ribbon Program can even make it possible to receive tuition benefits for private, public or out-of-state schools.

Like the Montgomery GI Bill, if you have unused veteran benefits through the new GI Bill, education for veterans’ benefits may be transferred to spouses or children. Requirements for the post 9/11 GI Bill include 1) having served at least 6 years and 2) agreeing to serve an additional 4 years. So one way or another, school for veterans under this new VA GI Bill can benefit your entire family.

New GI Bill benefits also include funds for tutorial assistance and one licensing or certification test. This new VA GI Bill takes effect August 1, 2009. Find everything you need to apply here at, as well as more information about this new GI Bill for veterans, as well as the Montgomery GI Bill.