Military Newspaper Overview

Military Connection is the premier contractor of authorized Department of Defense (DoD) military newspapers throughout the nation. We have the ability to “connect” clients with this military audience of outstanding candidates in all occupational specialties across the board, as well as civilian DoD employees and dependents. Please consider the following:

The nation is broken down into three major zones representing the finest authorized Department of Defense (DoD) military base newspapers in the nation. Each zone contains from 7 to 11 DoD base newspapers, enabling clients to blanket the area with their openings for one group rate for the entire zone, representing an excellent value. We can also customize a zone to meet special needs.

  • There are between 17,000 and 20,000 military personnel leaving the service and entering the civilian workforce every month. Many retire after 10, 15 or 20 years of service and are still quite young with the best part of their careers ahead of them.

  • DoD Military Base Newspapers are the only authorized publications permitted official base distribution. These newspapers enjoy an incredible readership factor with 86 percent of domestic military personnel having read 3 of the last 4 issues of their base newspaper.

  • 53% of active duty personnel are married and their spouses are also viable candidates.

  • 75% of active duty personnel are between the ages of 17 and 34 and 23% between the ages of 35 and 49.

  • Many military personnel are eligible for relocation, and some for interviewing costs as well.

  • You will also reach civilian government personnel, reservists and dependents.

  • The military has every conceivable occupational specialty and level, including, but not limited to Healthcare, High Technology, Law Enforcement and Security, Retail and Store Management, Marketing, Finance, Trades Professional, Administration, Human Resources, Support Personnel, Teachers and Instructors, Research and more..

  • These candidates are outstanding in all areas. They are extremely hard working and disciplined and can hit the floor running, demonstrating excellent leadership skills. They are role models and they are in generally good physical condition; many are bilingual and multilingual and part of a diverse audience; many have earned advanced degrees in their fields; the military is the largest user of technology worldwide and personnel at all levels are computer literate.

  • You will receive a 50% discount on the third week/run of three consecutive runs.

  • We are able to lock in discounts on short contracts of as few as six runs and often can obtain complimentary PR articles on your company in some of the DoD newspapers within the zone.

  • Many candidates hold various levels of security clearances.

Someone is going to capture these outstanding candidates. Military Connection will put forth our best efforts for you to achieve this goal. Allow us to “connect” you with these candidates today.