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The premier contractor of authorized  Department of Defense (DoD) military base newspapers.

Print advertising in the authorized DoD base newspapers is another way to cover the bases and reach this audience of highly viable candidates who are or will be eligible for separation or retirement from the military. You will also reach civilian candidates as well.

We offer three major geographic zones with each zone containing a group of authorized Department of Defense (DoD) military base newspapers, enabling you to blanket the area with your openings. These authorized DoD military base newspapers are weekly publications and they enjoy an incredible readership factor. We can also customize a zone to meet your special needs.

Space is limited because only a minimum percentage of the DoD newspapers are allocated to advertising. This means you will not be competing with everyone else. Unlike other newspapers, we permit our clients to consolidate their openings into one ad copy if they so desire. This is usually more cost efficient. Our rates are reasonable. You pay one group rate for the entire zone, and this rate is often less than you will pay for an individual private enterprise publication.

Our deadline for space is Thursday, one week prior to publication by the end of the business day. We cannot guarantee space availability but will put forth our best efforts to secure space in the issue(s) of your choice. If we are sold out, you will be given priority status for the next available issue(s). Our deadline to finalize your ad approval or receive your ad electronically from your ad agency is Friday, one week prior to publication.

Military Connection’s exceptional Creative Services Department will build or design your ad at no additional cost. We can usually provide you with an ad for approval within a few hours. We are also happy to work with your advertising agency.

Under regulation, you will not be invoiced until you receive a proof of publication from each and every DoD military base newspaper featuring your ad.

You deserve the very best and Military Connection is your premier connection to this viable audience. Contact us today to connect with these candidates.

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