Military to civilian transition program * Military transition career placement

Military transition can be challenging. The man or woman getting ready for a military to civilian transition needs help finding military transition jobs and creating a resume. You’ll also need help finding a quality placement opportunity, starting a civilian career or entering a valuable program. Military Connection is your one stop resource to help with all of this!

We have a multitude of online components to help military transition candidates with the process of military to civilian transition and the quest for military transition jobs. We can jumpstart your career with our placement program for separating and military transition candidates. We can even help with establishing a solid resume. We’re here to help make your military to civilian transition a smooth process.

Our Virtual Job Fair offers a program enabling military transition candidates to view military transition jobs in full color ads. It highlights critical needs, benefits and where to send your resume. The real time job fairs feature placement by category and date all over the country. We also offer job and interviewing tips and how to write your resume for your next career in your military to civilian transition challenge. We are committed to giving you the resources you need, from military
transition jobs, to placement and career program assistance.

Military transition candidates can find the top military transition jobs and make the process of military to civilian transition as easy as a snap of your fingers. This web site has career information programs for all branches of the military including resume and placement assistance. For the best comprehensive Directory of Employers on the web choose Military Connection.