What information do you have on military relocation benefits?

There are many military relocation benefits provided by the military for military families forced into military relocation. Many of those military benefits include Basic Allowances for Housing (BAH rate), discounts on moving services and basic relocating entitlements included in your relocating benefits. It is important to understand all your military benefits and entitlements prior to seeking moving services for military families. Doing so will ultimately ease the military relocation process.

The military provides military relocation benefits because many military families are required to move so frequently that it becomes burdensome on their finances. Some moving services provide discount benefits on relocating expenses for military families and military relocation. Some offer other military benefits as well, including packing services and materials. Inquire with your chosen moving services prior to your military relocation to ensure you are getting the most of your military benefits and entitlements.

Military families relocating because of military reasons are provided a BAH rate that gives them with a certain amount of money for housing. These military relocation benefits are extremely useful because for some, their BAH rate is nearly all they have when it comes to acquiring housing. That is why the BAH rate benefits are some of the most important military relocation benefits families can have, even among all of their other military benefits and entitlements.

Military relocation benefits can vary from member to member so discuss details of your benefits with your supervisor. For more information on military benefits and military relocation benefits, visit MilitaryConnection.com.