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Military Pay is of the utmost importance to our military members and their families. Understanding your Military Pay is the first step in making sure that you are receiving the money you are entitled to. Because of the complexities of the Military Pay System, is pleased to keep you current on Military Pay Charts. You can find Basic Military Pay information for officers and enlisted servcemembers in every pay grade. You will also find Military Pay information based on variables such as Basic Housing Allowances, Combat Duty, Hazardous Duty, Retirement Pay and more. features both the DoD Military Pay Calculator and the Military Retirement Calculator so that you can figure out what your military compensation is now, and will be in the future. If your military finances dictate taking out a loan, we have partnered with Pioneer Lending to help you borrow money in a responsible manner. We do not work with any military payday lenders because their products will keep you in debt. We feature educational information about military payday loans. Regardless of your duty status, you will find the information you need at . We feature articles on Military Pay that impact your personal finances. We hope to be your “go to” web site for the military pay and financial information that is important to you.

Date Article
7/2/2008 Pay Articles Heroes Earning Assistant & Tax Act (HEART)
7/1/2008 Bush signs new military tax breaks into law
6/27/2008 House throws support behind stop-loss pay
6/23/2008 Study says women veterans lead nonvets in pay
6/6/2008 Armed Forces Tax Guide
6/3/2008 House panel backs 3.9 percent pay raise for troops
6/3/2008 MILITARY PAY – IRS Questions & Answers
6/3/2008 Military Pay Grades – Princeton Review
6/2/2008 Congress Looks to Boost Military Pay by 3.9 Percent
6/2/2008 White House: 3.5 percent pay hike unnecessary
6/2/2008 Bill would make all military pay tax-free