Military Online Education – The right choice for you

It is natural to want to further your education; whether you are planning the military as a career or the armed forces is a stepping stone to a civilian position, military distance learning provides you with the tools to elevate your rank and be ready for life after the military. The military is looking for leaders who can prove that they have dedication, time management skills and a higher education degree.

With the challenges of time and deployment it is easy to feel that you don’t have a school-conducive schedule. That is where you are wrong; online degrees are ideal for military personnel and can be catered to fit your specific needs.

While there are specific online military schools, the world of online education has opened drastically in the past five years. Now, military education online is available at dozens of universities nationwide with a large selection of degrees ranging from associates to masters. Whether you are on active duty or a veteran, the possibility of a higher education degree is now in your hands.

Things to look for in your online education

Military and veteran distance learning depends on various factors in order to be successful. Military-friendly universities will be there to support and give feedback, but ultimately your success will depend on you and the time you are willing to commit to your military distance learning. The degree you achieve will assist you in your military career and civilian employment. When you are researching your choice universities make sure to ask questions about the following policies and assistance available for military/veteran members.

    • Flexibility: While this is generally a given, be sure you understand all deadlines of coursework (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and match it with your schedule.

    • LOA Policies: Leave of absences may be necessary for military online education. Talk to/email a counselor to talk about their policies and time allowances for military leaves.

    • Financial Aid: The majority of online universities provide financial assistance to active military and veterans. Look to see if your school provides VA loans and accepts the GI Bill.

    • SOC Membership: Getting involved in online education for military personnel should be a smooth transition. Working with schools who are already a member of SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges) will already have methods and staff members in place to serve you and anticipate your needs and special circumstances.

    • Accreditation: You may be concerned with finding a legitimate online program and may be looking for big-name universities. Keep in mind that as long as the school is accredited by an approved accreditation agency (monitored by the Department of Education). Small/local colleges can provide accredited and quality online military education for a fraction of the cost.

    • Media Required: The majority of online courses are similar in their media requirements, but it is important to ask whether any hard copies of tests/papers will be required and the amount of Internet time required. Emails, access to chat rooms, online exams, online textbooks/reading materials will most likely be required for all courses.