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Military national security is of vital importance to our nation. National security jobs and national security employment for departments such as the National Homeland Security Agency, as well as police and local command centers, look for qualified individuals to fill these positions.

September 11th, 2001 sharply brought into focus the need for national homeland security, as well as a national command centers to coordinate defensive actions on behalf of our nation. Military national security has been a top priority for President Bush, creating a need for national security employment and many national security jobs. The National Homeland Security Agency is one of the agencies charged with the task of filling these positions.

Military Connection has a long, established relationship with many transition officers and police and law enforcement agencies throughout the country. National security jobs and national security employment is one of our specialties. At the center of our success is the ability to connect employers with employees who are well trained, well educated and committed to military national security and national homeland security. Police and command agency positions are available and listed here
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Military national security and national security jobs are available right now. We take great pride in our efforts to connect qualified candidates with the national security employment available. We believe that every government agency, be it the Department of National Homeland Security, local police department, command center, or any other branch, can benefit from employing these qualified candidates. For your chance to serve your country, view our job postings today.