What information do you have for families on military moving?

For many military families, military moving is just another part of military duty and the phone numbers of moving companies are practically on speed dial. But Military Connection knows that for other military families, finding reliable and professional movers and military moving services with affordable moving quotes for military relocation can be a headache. The cost of moving alone is enough of a headache, not to mention the added stress on military spouses and children as they prepare for relocation. For these families, military moves just aren’t as easy to orchestrate as they are for others.

Military Connection suggests beginning the military moving process as soon as the notice for relocation is received. Since the cost of moving and military moving services can be a burden, saving money is essential for military spouses and military families. Begin researching moving companies and private movers in your area. Receive accurate moving quotes from each to determine the best value for military moves and relocation. Some movers and moving companies provide military discounts on moves while others may provide additional military moving services. Be sure that your moving quotes include any and all additions of the cost of moving. The last thing military spouses and military families want to worry about during their military moving is the price of their military moving services going up drastically at the last minute due to “additions” from the movers.

It is important that military spouses or service members reconfirm their moving quotes with military moving services prior to their military moving day to prevent unexpected delays, miscommunications and to ensure their moving companies are on the same page they are. Doing so can ensure the lowest cost of moving and that families have the easiest military moves possible. For more information on military moving, visit MilitaryConnection.com.