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Military loans, military personal loans and US military loans for active duty GIs are a major part of the important online financial information available on We do not feature military payday loan companies that charge huge interest fees and prey on members of the military who need help. The government is not happy with these lenders and has thrown them off many bases, though some of them do operate online. understands that active duty members need personal loans for auto needs, or to clean up bad credit. We believe that military payday loans from companies on base and online that charge GIs an exorbitant interest rate do not help them, and in fact is a path toward financial disaster. The government and the ethical financial institutions they associate with offer military loans, military personal loans and US military loans at market interest rates.

There are numerous financial companies which the government regulates. These lenders offer active duty personnel assistance online with interest rates that are more equitable, while trying to assist those with bad credit. It is important for the GI who is the buyer to beware, and ask plenty of questions – especially about military payday loans. We feature military money articles on our website to assist you. We also have found that the best interest rates on military loans are for US military loans and some military personal loans – not for a loan that you repay on your next payday. offers the best military loans online from private companies and the government, such as Omni, Pioneer, and Army loans. We help active duty and all GIs with sound financial advice from top columnists, too. We work with those companies that value America’s military. Whether you are seeking competitive military payday loans, military personal loans or US military loans, you will easily find help on our website.


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