Military Employment


Our country faces unique challenges in the 21st century in sustaining a skilled civilian workforce. The demand for qualified personnel in a diverse array of occupational specialties continues to grow. Additionally, the global nature of the economy has caused employers to face increasing competition from foreign countries in their efforts to find appropriate candidates in many areas of the job market, including federal and government jobs.  According to the Department of Defense, the U.S. Military spends approximately $8 billion a year for accession, basic skills, military education and advanced training for military personnel. Training in the military is extensive and a typical military job board or job fair might include some of the most highly sought employment opportunities in civilian employment areas such as healthcare jobs, high-tech jobs or medical jobs.


Clearly, the servicemen and women in the United States Armed Forces represent a highly skilled, well-trained and talented labor pool that can make a significant contribution to the nation’s ability to maintain its competitive edge in the world economy.


Seeking employment can be difficult in any segment of life, whether you are newly graduated from college, a military veteran, or simply seeking a mid-life career change. And certainly one major key to help you qualify for a job is your educational record. If you have an undergraduate degree in addition to military experience, especially in a technical field, then you’ll probably find multiple opportunities in your selected field. There are an amazing number of employment opportunities available for people in the military, but often times the biggest challenge is knowing how to find them!

There are thousands of companies who want to reach the highly qualified, skilled professionals who have military experience. Efforts to recruit members of the military have led to a proliferation of job fairs, publications, and online websites seeking to link companies and veterans. At, part of our mission is to help the brave men and women who have served our country find their perfect job.  We offer the most convenient and efficient way to showcase your talents to a wide variety of quality companies – those who value your military experience. Begin your search now and find the perfect career using our exclusive tools and resources. gives you a front and center audience with employers that understand the value military candidates bring to the table, as well as providing valuable advice and tips on subjects such as writing an effective resume, following up with potential employers, and even how to dress for an interview! We feature the most comprehensive military directories in the country. We maintain and provide the most current directories for ex-military, veterans, military spouses, military family, and military to civilian transitions, for use in a job search, job postings, job fairs and listings. We are proud to help the ex-military search for government jobs, apply for military schools, find federal jobs and receive vital information on military loans and pay.

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