Under what circumstances does the military not  pay break pay?

If you aren’t familiar with military break pay, along with other military benefits included in the Post 9/11 GI Bill, we can familiarize you with it. Military break pay is included in your Veteran benefits, and is there to help students get through college breaks on a financial level. We can help you to better understand the rules surrounding break pay established by the United States government. Students at colleges, universities and other accredited schools must meet certain criteria or be faced with lapses in break pay.

Military Break Pay


It is important to adhere to the rules surrounding military break pay. Here are some rules that must be adhered to if you wish to avoid lapses in payment.

    • The university break is longer than 56 days;

    • A student changes programs or education facilities;

    • The break is longer than 30 days as a result of students changing schools;

    • Students are not enrolling consecutively in non-standard terms;

    • The college breaks are longer than the terms surrounding them;

    • A student is currently on active duty.

Additionally, under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, students who participate in training prior to college breaks that are less than half time (rate of pursuit is less than 50%) are ineligible to receive break pay provided by the military. These break pay rules also place restrictions on break pay for students whose entitlement will run out during the break they request pay for.

Depending on the educational institution’s calendar, break pay may not be necessary. Students who do not want to participate in the break pay benefits included in the GI Bill can request to do so only prior to the VA authorizing payment for the break. Military break pay does not provide benefits to students who withdraw from all university courses or cease training during the term just prior to the break.

Now that you are educated as to the fact that there is such a thing as military break pay, let Military Connection bring you up to speed on all things related to it.