Kay Stout’s Biography

Kay Stout is Managing Partner in Pacheco Stout Consulting. For the past 5 years she has worked with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce on the Prosperity Project initiative. In addition, she is an executive consultant with Oklahoma Professional Search, a leader in career transition services. Previously, she was Vice President of the Oklahoma City office of Right Management, a world-wide consulting firm.

She is Past President of Northwest Rotary Club, a member of the Oklahoma Venture Forum and serves on the board of Vatterott College.

Her varied career includes  working with the engineers who built the Atlas Missile Sites and the KMAG engineers in Korea. She utilized her musical education from the University of Wyoming through private teaching and performance. Next came extensive work building non-profit organizations and special assignments on political campaigns. This included traveling with former First Lady Shirley Bellmon to promote Home Based Business throughout the state and chairing a committee that significantly changed the socio-economic division of a public school system. She also hosted “Your Career Connection” for Clear Channel’s KTOK radio.

Kay was recognized by Channel 9 in 1989, as a “Lady of the Eighties” and was awarded the Girl Scout Thanks Badge.