Jordan Goodman Biography

JORDAN GOODMAN, “America’s Money Answers Man,” is the author of 12 highly regarded books on personal finance. He also reported and wrote for MONEY, the premier personal-finance magazine in the U.S., for 18 years. A keynote speaker in demand around the country, including on U.S. military bases*, Jordan has been a guest expert on countless call-in shows on national, regional, and local radio and television for the past 30 years. Simply put, he loves to help people solve their money problems.

Following are his up-to-date, action-oriented answers to frequently asked money questions

*Jordan Goodman has recently been invited to speak at the Air Force Bases at Beale, Eglin, and Los Angeles, as well as at the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station and the Parris Island Marine Corps Base. He is an expert at Financial Readiness.