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Find all types of jobs for military Veterans at MilitaryConnection.com. For men and women who are completing their military service and becoming former military, our job postings shine a light on the many careers and opportunities available to them. It’s all about finding Veterans jobs, and nobody does it better. What types of job opportunities for Veterans will you find here? Government jobs, VA jobs, civilian jobs and opportunities in a variety of different fields abound. Veterans are trained in a wide array of skills, from computers to analytics to mechanics, and we are committed to offering job listings that speak to their skills, experience and interests. Begin your job search here!

Jobs for Military Veterans


From human resource jobs, entry-level jobs and Veteran office careers, to government jobs and jobs for military and Veterans interested in Information and Technology, there are opportunities all over the nation and the world. Careers in these areas are stable, and often provide a great learning environment for Veterans with room for growth. Our goal is to provide a forum by which Veterans and jobs find each other and create a perfect match.

There are plenty of entry-level job opportunities for Veterans with office or technical skills. Both government and civilian agencies offer jobs for Veterans with analytical skills, great interpersonal skills and basic office skills. The training a military serviceperson receives while in the service can help secure a job, especially Veteran jobs in government offices. Depending on what kind of career a Veteran is searching for, jobs in the VA, government or technical fields such as nursing and information technology may be the easiest to get.

If you are or are soon to be former military, our job postings are the perfect place to start learning more about careers available to you, and job opportunities that are currently waiting to be filled. We hope you will find all of the resources available to you at MilitaryConnection.com more than helpful in your job search!