Military job fair and Veteran career placement

Do you feature job fairs and military job fairs?

Our military job fair is no ordinary job search tool. Ours is a virtual job fair which assists Veterans from all branches of the military with career placement. We are committed to helping find jobs for former military men and women. Our job listings, along with our job fairs, are great starting points for your search. The employers that use our Virtual Job Fair are ones that appreciate the unique qualities of former military members. Jobs they are looking to fill would benefit from the discipline and experience you’ve gained through your service, and these employers know it. Find out more about how Military Connection is finding jobs for Veterans.

Our Virtual Job Fair enables employers to highlight their critical job openings, benefits and contact information. They are also able to reach those former military seeking jobs. Veterans, retirees separating and transitioning military men and women can find the information they need quickly. Additionally, we feature high tech and defense contractor job fairs, as well as opportunities that focus on other job placements. Just view the job opportunities on the military job fair and Virtual Job Fair pages of our site.  We make it easy for career military personnel and Veterans to find placement in a job that they will enjoy and love for years to come.

Military job fairs also include ACAP, Army Career Assistance Alumni Program and NCOA and the National Commissioned Officers Association. We are proud to work with former military personnel, as well as with employers who are interested in hiring from this talented and worthy pool of applicants. Let Military Connection make a difference in your job search.