Jeff Edwards Biography

Jeff Edwards is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, and an Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist. He is currently working as an expert civilian advisor to the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (FLTASWCOM), and the Naval Space Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). His naval career spanned more than two decades and half the globe ¾ from chasing Soviet nuclear attack submarines during the Cold War, to launching cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf.

Jeff is proud to be a member of the Military Writers Society of America. Trained extensively in mainframe computers, weapons systems, and naval combat tactics, he brings an experience-based edge of authenticity to his fiction writing, and the voice of the ordinary enlisted Sailor to his non-fiction writing. His novel, TORPEDO, won the 2005 Admiral Nimitz Award for Outstanding Naval Fiction, the Reader’s Choice Award, and the 2005 American Author Medal. His military opinion columns appear regularly on, in the Military Press, and on several hundred Internet websites. He is hard at work on another novel, a naval thriller that celebrates the collective heroism of ordinary men and women working together to accomplish the extraordinary.

Jeff’s columns and news regarding his novels are available on his website,, along with a growing collection of Navy art, poetry, and information of interest to military personnel and their families.

Jeff Edward’s Columns