What information do you have on intelligence jobs for military and Veterans?


Military intelligence jobs offer an interesting and rewarding career path, and Military Connection can connect you with the latest and most up-to-date postings for military/Army intelligence jobs and Veteran intelligence jobs as well. Those conducting job search for intelligence careers know how difficult these jobs can be to find. We have access to careers in the intelligence field and opportunities for intelligence training, so don’t wait to dig in to our job listings today. 


intelligence jobs for military



Intelligence jobs are generally good career choices for Veterans and military personnel because of the skills they possess.


A great place to start your search for military/Army intelligence jobs as well as Veteran intelligence jobs is our Directory of Employers. Included in the directory are employers who deal specifically with intelligence careers for military and Veterans. You’ll have access to many job prospects and can connect with different kinds of jobs in the intelligence industry. What’s more, there are jobs and career tips columns written by real career experts. The path for those looking to pursue a career in intelligence often times begins with our job listings. 


It is no secret why military personnel make such prime candidates for positions in the intelligence field. Much of the training they have received is a perfect fit for what those in intelligence are looking for in their new recruits. The success rate of service members and Veterans in intelligence jobs is positive, and you could be next.


Intelligence jobs are, not surprisingly, in high demand. Those who are serious about careers in the intelligence field won’t find a better resource for information regarding such positions than Military Connection. Use our job board and database to take your job search to a new level entirely.