What Jobs Are Most in Demand for Veteran Employment?

Searching for a job is never easy. When it comes to jobs for military veterans, if your career path takes you to an in-demand job, your chances of a quick hire are vastly improved. If you have yet to decide on what your veteran employment will be when you hit the job market, setting a course for a career in a field that desperately needs new workers, whether blue collar or white collar, these veteran job tips can help put you on a path to financial stability.

Healthcare jobs have always been in high demand, and there are no signs of that slowing down. While we often hear that nursing school and programs are impacted, there are too many job postings, not enough nurses to fill them, and not enough nurses being trained.

In 2014, nursing schools turned away roughly 69,000 qualified applicants. Although they were qualified to attend, many nursing schools don’t have enough resources or staff to train them all. As the population ages and people live longer, there will always be a demand for nurses, if you can get into a nursing program.

If healthcare isn’t your thing, perhaps becoming a software developer is. The need for software developers and other computer-savvy personnel is steadily growing. Professionals on this career path usually have analytical minds and strong problem-solving skills.

Drivers specialize in operating a wide variety of vehicles. With the existence of many truck driver schools, becoming a driver has never been easier. Many of these schools are extremely veteran friendly, and may take your military experience for partial credit.

There continues to be a high demand for skilled engineers. And as conversations around STEM increase, there should be an increase in national funding for undergraduate programs in these fields.

There is also demand in finance/accounting, human resources and manufacturing & logistics.