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Hiring Veterans is one of MilitaryConnection.com’s major areas of focus. We provide a multitude of valuable resources to help veterans and members of the military community in their job search. MilitaryConnection.com connects veterans with top government and civilian employers in all occupational areas. Hiring Veterans is a priority for companies that work with the federal government. MilitaryConnection. com understands well that veterans and military candidates make outstanding employees because they are disciplined for success and have a work ethic second to none. Those employers providing jobs for veterans have a unique opportunity to diversify their job force Additionally, these military candidates have the training and skills to hit the ground running. If you are an employer looking to hire vets and have military job or veteran job openings, MilitaryConnection is your “go to” web site. We can provide the opportunity to get your veteran jobs and military jobs in front of the audience you want to reach. When their next tour is back home, it’s on MilitaryConnection. com. We are the connection for hiring vets and filling your military job and veteran job openings.

2/22/2012 Forbes Tax Credits for Veterans
11/23/2011 Executive Actions to Get Veterans Back to Work – President Signs to Help Veterans and Wounded
10/21/2011 VA Program Matches Vets and Employers
6/9/2010 As Veteran Unemployment Falls, Morale Reaches New Heights
5/27/2010 Up to $4800 in Tax Credits Available to Employers who Hire Veterans
4/21/2010 Jobs for Veteran Legislation
2/15/2010 Skilled Veterans Will Meet Labor Needs in the 21st Century
9/16/2009 Combat Vets Having Tough Time In Job Market
9/16/2009 For wounded US veterans, job prospects brighter
5/22/2009 Veteran Employers Eligible For Tax Breaks
Veterans’ Preference in Employment

Federal Contractor Program – Requires Hiring Veterans
Frequently Asked Questions About the Federal Contractor Program for Hiring Veterans

More employers recruit the military work ethic
Civilian employers value the skills and discipline of vets
Job Fair Highlights Veterans’ Unique Skills, Commitment
People exiting the military have special skills and special needs.
Detroit Forum: Motor City Likes Veterans

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