Gwinnett County Government receives “Veteran Employer Salute”

Positioned as the northern gateway to the city of Atlanta, Gwinnett County, Georgia has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation over the past 20 years. By utilizing a stout economic strategy that includes quality economic expansion through civic improvements, and strong support of education, the arts, and community service, Gwinnett is primed to expand their numbers in population and create more jobs. This makes Gwinnett County a great place for Veterans to live and work.

Gwinnett County Government’s mission is to deliver superior services in partnership with their community. Not only does Gwinnett’s government pave the way to bring employers into their county, but the county itself employs 4,811 full-time personnel. “We are committed to partnering with others in our community who share a dedication to making life better for our citizens,” Michele Westerfield, Gwinnett’s Human Resources Manager, told Military Connection. “We believe in stewardship of public resources, protection of the environment, and that all citizens should expect to live and work in a clean and secure community. We strive to hire people who believe in our mission, vision, and values and will serve to help accomplish our goals.”

It is for these reasons that Gwinnett views Veterans as logical, preferred, hires for staffing their county. Approximately 790 of Gwinnett County’s employees are either Veterans, active duty military or serving in the Reserve. The county’s government hiring officials work closely with the State of Georgia’s Department of Labor, Veterans Representatives in a partnership that makes Gwinnett County employment opportunities available to Veterans. The county views public safety positions in Gwinnett’s law enforcement, fire and emergency services as a great fit for Veterans, who already possess the skills required for these jobs, through their experience in the military.

“Military service involves protecting the citizens at a national and worldwide level,” Westerfield said. “And Gwinnett’s public safety professionals protect and serve the residents in their own communities, so we encourage any Veteran who is interested in the public safety profession to apply for those positions.”

Westerfield was quick not to limit Veterans’ skill sets to public safety. “There are a variety of duties, in many departments that Veterans can take on,” she said. “From financial analyst to trades technician, there are many opportunities for employment for Veterans with Gwinnett County Government.”

Gwinnett views their employees as their most valuable assets. All of their employees receive outstanding benefits, including medical, dental, life and disability insurances. The county also offers retirement contributions, a comprehensive health and wellness program, paid holidays, annual leave and sick leave, and even tuition reimbursement to employees who want to further their education. Gwinnett’s active military and reservist employees receive all of the same benefits, plus a very generous military leave program.

For their dedication to employing Veterans, is proud to honor the Gwinnett County Government with their “Veteran Employer Salute.” Our award is meant to recognize Veteran-Friendly employers that go above and beyond to provide premium employment opportunities for those who serve or have served in the Military and their dependents. Veterans that frequent will see the employers that are recognized and remember them when they are looking for jobs.

“Veterans and active duty military have sacrificed so much in their service,” said’s CEO, Debbie Gregory. “Employers who go above and beyond in hiring Veterans are doing a great service for the country and those who have served it. is honored to salute Gwinnett County Government for providing quality employment to those who have served.”