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Do you have government job listings? is home to one of the most comprehensive government job board listings online today. Those interested in government jobs, including jobs at the Department of Defense (DoD), will find much to like in our job listings. Make us a focal point of your government job search, and learn about positions of interest as they become available. Jobs in government are highly sought after, and you need to know about any and all such employment opportunities in a timely fashion to be a viable candidate. We can help you in that regard. 

There are many different types of government jobs that would be ideal for candidates with a military background. No matter your area of interest, you are certain to find employment opportunities you are interested in when you search our government job board listings. These listings include positions in: 

  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security
  • Federal Law enforcement
  • State and local jobs in government
  • Department of Defense 

Working for the government is a noble cause, and with your military background, there is no doubt that you have the requisite skills with which to become a top candidate. Our goal at Military Connection is to always shine a light on opportunities for Veterans and those seeking jobs in government.

Begin your job search here, and put yourself in the running for a position with the United States Government!